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Hi – my name is Egil and I'm a singer-songwriter/composer from Norway. I have music in various styles in my catalogue that I want to present to you. All my songs  and compositions are licensed in And if you practice the art of listening to music, like I do a lot, please enjoy my music.


For as long as I remember music has been a vital importance in my life. A source where I could find inspiration, comfort, joy and happiness. And listening to music with people who could feel the same excitement made a tremendeous common feeling of togetherness and understanding.


Playing myself, either in bands or solo, I've always liked when other people enjoy listening  to it; it makes me humble and grateful for having this talent.


The piano instrument was something I early found fascinating but growing up in working class conditions like I did made guitar a more convenient instrument for me to play. Piano playing was for those who had piano in their homes and went to music schools to learn how to play. So for many years piano was out of reach.


With playing came the eagerness to try to make songs myself and I still love the creating prosess of it, especially when I listen to the recorded idea afterwards and still want to listen to it again from the beginning because I think it was so good. It's a wonderful feeling.


Some years ago I found out I wanted to compose music on piano without really knowing too much about piano playing. I still don't but many times I've surprised myself when I listen to this simple but beautiful piano pieces that I've created. It`s like a dream come true. Not too difficult to play I've made tutorials to show you how to play yourself and since it`s not too complicated it's well suited if you want to practice piano also. So have a go and feel free to send me a file if you want. You're more than welcome!





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Marie tutorial

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